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"Matriarchal Bloodlines" [Diptych]
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“Matriarchal Bloodlines”
10”x30” + 10”x20”, acrylic & hand embellished oil on diptych canvas.
(Additional $245 for framing option)

This piece is about my motherhood. These paintings were begun in 2015 & 2017 respectively, but it wasn't until the pandemic when I saw them together and understood that they were connected. They tell their own story of the magic passed down from mother to child from those who created us. Depending on your perspective it speaks to the strength of us.. When I came back to it during my residency with The Museum Of Dead Words, this was a piece of the matriarchal side of the family tree in the art tomb. It was meant to speak to how the soul of the sarcophagus came to be.

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