B.L.A.H. Vol 3: The Secret Life Of Clouds [paperback copy]


"B.L.A.H Vol 3: The Secret Life Of Clouds" is the 3rd Book in the "B.L.A.H." series. A hodgepodge of photos, notes, essays, poems, paintings and recipes created during the 2020 pandemic through the subsequent 2 years taking care of her father as he fought cancer.

"This book is the most special to me so far because of the exponential growth i experienced during this time. I decided to give more this time around then just poetry because, we, Black people,. are not a monolith. As an artist, I have always created in many mediums. We are a vast array of modalities and I thought that in honor of my father, I would continue to embrace and display that whole-ness in my new works." Part memoir, part prayer, part philosophical pondering; The Secret Life Of Clouds is a lucid dream and examination of J's unique lived experience and intersectional perspectives.

Hardcover. 98 pages. Glossy photo paper realness...
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