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Founded in 2020 by C. Joi Sanchez, the Radical Black Joy Global Art Gallery stands as a physical and metaphysical sanctuary—a space meticulously crafted to manifest the curatorial and archival goals of its visionary founder. Born from a profound intention to encourage, nurture, honor, and empower the legacy and lessons of Black lives, this gallery project, titled "The Radical Black Joy Gallery & Social Club," pays homage to the vibrant spirit of Brooklyn and envisions spaces centered on the liberation, empowerment, healing, and communion of contemporary Black creatives and entrepreneurs.

The gallery's mission is to transcend mere celebration, seeking to foster genuine contemplation of Black artistry while simultaneously providing tools and opportunities that every human being deserves. C. Joi Sanchez, a Black woman intimately acquainted with the perpetual awareness of the disposability of Black lives, has created a haven in the midst of external chaos—an amplification of the worst parts of the world where anti-Blackness thrives. Amid a pandemic and an environment saturated with hostility, her acts of self-care and peacekeeping became audacious acts of resistance, unveiling a profound understanding that systems rooted in colonialism will perpetually deny the simple humanity of Black individuals.

At the Radical Black Joy Global Art Gallery, love emerges as the transformative force driving creative endeavors. The belief that what is imagined and created with love will resonate and be reciprocated shapes the gallery's commitment beyond artistic expression—it's a dedication to cultivating an abundant, supportive, and loyal global community. Rejecting the distortion of creative voices by capitalist ideals, the gallery stands as a testament to the resilience and beauty inherent in the Black experience, prioritizing the authenticity of artistic narratives over the noise of commercialization.

Acknowledging the importance of self-care and the evolution of craft, the gallery embraces the freedom to take breaks, fostering space for growth and transformation. Here, consistent creativity is seen as a personal journey, not tethered to constant visibility but rooted in the dedication to honoring individual talents in one's unique time and manner. As creatives, the gallery's community releases the need for universal approval, focusing instead on the authentic expression of individual narratives. Within this vibrant space, the Radical Black Joy Global Art Gallery celebrates the diversity of its community, recognizing the strength that arises when collective voices unite through the lens of radical joy and creativity.


At the Radical Black Joy Global Art Gallery, we embrace the transformative power of love as the driving force behind our creative endeavors. We believe that what we imagine and create with love will resonate and be reciprocated with love. Our commitment extends beyond artistic expression; it is a dedication to fostering an abundant, supportive, and loyal global community.

We reject the distortion of our creative voices by capitalist ideals, recognizing that our work transcends mere consumption. It is a profound expression of healing, a testament to the resilience and beauty inherent in the Black experience. We prioritize the authenticity of our artistic narrative over the noise of commercialization.

In our pursuit of creativity, we understand the importance of self-care and the evolution of our craft. We grant ourselves the freedom to take breaks, allowing space for growth and transformation. We acknowledge that consistent creativity doesn't necessitate constant visibility; it is a personal journey, a dedication to honoring our talents in our own time and manner.

As creatives, we embrace the understanding that our purpose is not contingent on universal approval. We release the need to please everyone and instead focus on the authentic expression of our individual narratives. At the Radical Black Joy Global Art Gallery, we celebrate the diversity within our community and the strength that arises when we collectively amplify our voices through the lens of radical joy and creativity.

Who is @RadicalBlackJoi ?

C. Joi Sanchez AKA Radical Black Joi
Joi Sanchez, a multifaceted artist with a remarkable journey, is on a mission to leave her indelible mark on the world of art and creativity. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Joi's path was uniquely influenced by the rich history and dedication to Black personhood that surrounded her. She is the daughter of the renowned music industry figure, Patrick Adams, and Christine Wiltshire. Her grandparents, Courtenay L Wiltshire, a civil rights lawyer, and Violet Wiltshire, a dedicated teacher, were living historians of the civil rights movement, having immigrated to New York from Barbados.

Joi's early life was marked by a shy and sheltered childhood, growing up in the cozy confines of a Crown Heights brownstone. However, her life took a dramatic turn when she moved to a domestic violence shelter in the Bronx with her mother, experiencing culture shock in the process. At the age of 17, she ran away from home to reunite with an older sibling living in the South. Her journey led her to start selling books and magazines door to door, traveling the country, and gaining a unique perspective on life.

In 2003, Joi returned to New York City after her grandmother's passing. She re-enrolled in school and met her ex-husband, embarking on a decade-long marriage. However, it was in 2013, following her divorce from an abusive and toxic relationship, that she began her path of self-discovery and healing through the arts.

Joi found solace and inspiration in the vibrant underground artist communities of New York City, including spaces like Freestyle Mondays, Legendary Cyphers, End Of the Week, The Lesson, Word At 4F, Wow Café Theater, Brooklyn Wildlife, and the Harlem River Yacht Club. In these environments, she thrived on peer-to-peer skill sharing, support, and encouragement, allowing her to evolve into a multi-genre artist.

In 2014, she ventured into curating and producing with her iconic open mic series, Art LovHer, as part of a residency with The Living Gallery. Her debut poetry collection, "BLAH Vol 1," garnered a prestigious Pushcart Award for poetry in 2016, showcasing her gift for words and storytelling.

Joi's artistic journey has taken her across the globe, collaborating on various musical and artistic projects. Her creative influence extends to exhibitions like Amy Touchette's "Personal Ties: BedStuy," which is featured in the MOMA, testifying to her far-reaching impact on the art world.

Currently, Joi is the Resident Teaching Artist with Caldwell Enrichment in the Bronx, where she is developing "Creating With Black Joy." This innovative workshop, designed for BIPOC communities, encourages the development of creative practices that infuse daily life with joy, using the resources at hand.

Joi's journey continues to evolve, and she anticipates recording and releasing her first album in 2024, carrying forward her family's rich musical legacy. Through her art, resilience, and dedication to fostering creativity and joy, C. Joi Sanchez is a shining example of the power of transformation and the boundless potential of the human spirit.


My art, born from a journey of resilience and transformation, speaks to the multifaceted human experience. I've journeyed from a sheltered Brooklyn brownstone to a Bronx shelter, and through that diversity, I found my voice. Immersed in New York City's underground artist communities, I became a multi-genre artist, driven by a deep well of human emotions. With my acclaimed poetry collection, "BLAH Vol 1," and collaborations worldwide, my art is a tapestry of voices and stories. As the Resident Teaching Artist in the Bronx, I'm creating "Black Joy" workshops. In 2024, my first album will continue my family's musical legacy. My art illuminates transformation, creative power, and human resilience.