Permission To Blossom

$25.00 - $650.00 / On Sale

18” x 36”, Acrylic, 3-D Effect Spray Paint, Hand Embellished Oil on canvas.
September 2021 - Additional $312 for framing option

This piece was created over the course of 5 years, I began it in late 2015 while going through the bitter part of post-divorce life with my wasband. Shortly after, I became transient for the new few years and this painting was put away in storage while I searched for housing security. When I moved in with my father in 2017, I re-discovered this after clearing out my storage and began working on it some more. During the pandemic, my father was hospitalized and our apartment needed renovations; So the painting went back into storage. In 2021 when I again cleared out my storage unit, the lived experience of the past 5 years came into focus while meditating on what's next for both myself and the world. I decided that I am a part of an infinite energy and that I deserve the good as well as the bad of life. I decided I was safe and I gave myself permission to blossom at last.