"Dark Knight Of The Soul" original canvas work


“Dark Knight Of The Soul [no one is coming to save you]” (oct 2023)
Mixed media canvas: faux moss, leaves, flora, silk twine, & acrylics.
20” x 20”
50.8cm x 50.8cm

This painting reflects my journey through grief and depression. Titled "No one is coming to save you," it encapsulates the past four tumultuous years of my life. Amidst the pandemic and my father's terminal illness, art became my lifeline, urging me to keep living. It symbolizes the process of facing temporary death and renewal, summoning the strength to heal past scars and avoid self-destruction. "Dark Knight" signifies the importance of doing the hard work of self-examination and inner healing. Ultimately, it conveys the message that we are the ones responsible for saving ourselves from despair.
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