General Matriarch


“General & Matriarch”(Nov 2023)
Mixed media on canvas: spray paint, acrylic, hand embellished oil, upcycled crystal strands, notions & faux branches on canvas.
10”x30” // 25.4cm x 76.2cm ; $2222
**currently on exhibit at Granny Zaa, LES,NY

This canvas celebrates the strength of women, especially our Matriarchs. Reflecting on my role after my father's passing, I handled arrangements and family matters traditionally led by the family's head. Growing up, my grandmother held that role until my mom organized a memorable family trip. With my dad gone, I feel the responsibility to preserve family bonds for my children. In today's challenging climate, it's like preparing them for constant battle. Gathering family becomes precious, reminding me of my grandmother's efforts. This piece honors her resilience and the enduring strength of women.
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