CBQK Season 1


Empowering Voices: The #CBQKNetwork Redefines Media Landscape

[City, Date] - The #CBQKNetwork, a groundbreaking cooperative media initiative, is redefining the media landscape by establishing itself as one of the largest media networks owned and operated by its content creators. Recognizing the rapid shift of content creation to the internet, the network is utilizing a diverse array of tools to build a media platform that truly reflects the rich tapestry of contemporary society.

The brainchild of visionary creator J, The #CBQKNetwork harnesses the power of OBS and multi-platform streaming tools like Streamyard to empower self-motivated creatives. By providing a platform that prioritizes equity, the network offers a unique opportunity for content creators to amplify their voices to a broader audience while continuing to build on their individual success.

J, not only the architect of this cooperative dream but also the host of the network's flagship talk show and namesake, ClapBack Queens & Kings. Airing weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 pm on the network's streaming platforms, the show is a dynamic blend of The View, In Conversation, and 227. It not only serves as an alternative means of achieving the goals of @TheJuneteenthProjekt but also contributes to the creation of the world's first and largest living archive of Black Life & Culture.

The ClapBack Queens & Kings show dives into what J terms as "ClapBack Culture" and the individuals who shape it. J sees the audacity of successful, self-made Black individuals as the ultimate clap back to systems of oppression. "I begin specifically focusing on Black lives because, not only do they matter, but also because in 2020, there should be more than one place dedicated to preserving our life experiences, stories, and the significant influences we have on the world in just about every way."

While the long-term vision includes incorporating narratives of other oppressed communities, the initial focus is on archiving as many Black narratives as possible until they are recognized and treated as the human beings they are. ClapBack Queens & Kings show puts a spotlight on narratives that revolve around art and culture, transcending the influence of race, gender, and sexual identities.

"As a network, we aim to create an alternative means of living and self-sustainability for individuals who have always carved their own path to success. Especially in the current landscape, the best bet to place in life is on oneself," emphasizes J. The network seeks to visualize and create a more equitable and harmonious world by utilizing and sharing the skills, knowledge, and resources available within the cooperative.

The #CBQKNetwork acknowledges that its approach may seem unconventional to many, but with a proven track record in collective and cooperative economics, the network believes in the possibility of creating a thriving community as long as individuals are willing to show up for themselves, communicate, and prioritize collective success over greed.

In an era where traditional media structures are being challenged and redefined, The #CBQKNetwork stands as a beacon of innovation, community, and empowerment. By placing the tools of creation directly into the hands of those who shape the narratives, the network is not just rewriting the script but also reshaping the future of media. The revolution is here, and it's streaming on The #CBQKNetwork.

For media inquiries, contact:

C.Joi Sanchez

Artistic Director

[email protected] 


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