CBQK Season 1

The #CBQKNetwork is our cooperative media dream. Noticing how the creation of content has rapidly shifted to the internet, we thought how we could  utilize the multitude of tools at our disposal and create a media network of a different breed. One that is built on true equity, and creates content of a broader range, reflecting the true spectrum of contemporary society.


The ClapBack Queens And Kings network plans to become the (or one of) the largest media network that is both owned and operated by its content creators. Utilizing OBS and multi-platform streaming tools like Streamyard, J has been recruiting self-motivated creatives and providing them with an opportunity to speak their voice to as wide an audience as possible & the opportunity continue building on their self success in the world. 

Not just a provider of this platform of empowerment, J also serves as the host of the network's Flagship talkshow & Namesake , ClapBack Queens & Kings which airs weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm on the blossoming network's streaming platforms. The show which named the network is what J calls " a mash up of The View, In Conversation and 227." Serving as alternate means of achieving the goal  of @TheJuneteenthProjekt, to create the worlds first and largest living archive of Black Life & Culture, The CBQK show explores what J calls "ClapBack Culture" and the people who create it. "I see the audacity of successful, self-made Black people as the ultimate ClapBack to White supremacy and every other evil that attempts to keep human beings divided and oppressed. I begin specifically focusing on Black lives because, not only am I one that should matter, but also because in 2020, there should be more than one place that is dedicated to the preservation of our life experiences, stories and the obvious influences we have on the world in just about every way. Eventually i plan to include the narratives of others that have been oppressed in the final museum But for now, my focus is archiving as many Black narratives as we can until we too are seen and treated as the human beings we are ClapBack Queens & Kings show focuses more on the narratives that revolve & evolve around art/culture side, outside of the influence of race, gender & sexual identities. As a network, we are hoping to create an alternative means of living & self-sustainability for people who have always created their own success and know that [especially] right now the best bet to place in life is on oneself. We're here to visualize and create a more equative and harmonic world from the destruction that society is shifting away from by utilizing & sharing the skills, knowledge and resources we currently have available. It seems weird to many but from our experience with collective/cooperative economics & living, we know it's possible to do as long as folks are willing to show up for themselves, communicate, and not be greedy"

Watch Season 1 HERE!