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"Selfish" original canvas work

“Selfish” (Sept 2023), Mixed media silk rope, faux flowers, acrylics, swavorsky crystal beads & book excerpts. $2222
The poem reads:
He hadn’t meant to summon her
But now the moon studied him
Ni man wants to hear he has been a fool.
There was no real point to this argument.
They hear it, and still they persist.
This woman belonged to some version of the love that clanged in romance with delusion.
Most people are like you, leaving pieces scattered along the trail.
A fairy number, it would please me to say, have revolutionary fortitude, if nothing, in that moment seems like a lot.
In truth, i have stopped wondering if things could get worse and now they can believe in opportunity.
In this moment, i am not quite sure of you without restraint or artifice.
Tell me something you did that made you happy.
I’ve only ever been in love with one person”

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