Pandemic Self-Portrait #926765 : "PANDOREALITY"

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12”x12”, Acrylic & Hand Embellished Oil on canvas.
April 2020 - Additional $50 for framing option)

This is one of the many "selfies" of self-xploration as I called my time locked in the 8'x8' space that was my room in that [now infamous] duplex. Because of the skylight, my room was lit for the majority of the day. It made an excellent light for painting because of how the light bathed everything until late in the day. And even at night the moon shined through illuminating me in my own dim light. Those first few days back in NYC, in the new reality where I was disconnected from everyone I loved. The restrictions brought me face to face with the mortality of my parents and the awareness that I may never have seen them again. [for the record, I did eventually reunite with them.] In April of 2020, I existed in a constant state of numbness and meditation. I decided to center myself in my own story and began to develop my own spiritual practice. This painting is the first "selfie" I took as I began the self-xploration that path of growth requires.

Back Quote:
“Blue, most often connected with the feeling of sadness…
But Blue is a color of spiritual protection and peace…
Makes me wonder what else the world was wrong about”