Charmed Bracelet

Charmed Bracelet

Hypoallergenic 14K Rose Gold coated crystal charmed link bracelet.

"Proud Mary" option pictured .

Each Charmed bracelet is made by hand when order is placed. Crystal combinations are in combinations that promote a specific energy when combined. Names were picked according to the qualities [we believe] each combination of crystals manifests with the wearer.

Option Meanings/Purpose:

"Love Spell" - to attract or maintain strong and healthy love within one's life in all aspects from the inner self to the out-er space.

"Proud Mary" - to heal and strengthen the emotional health of the wearer, specifically in areas of self-love, value & worth. Hematite provides a protective cocoon to deflect negativity & defend fragile energy while in a healing phase.

"Nina" - to protect and support seekers and tellers of truths on their path. Hematite provides safety and protection. Lapis Lazuli support intentions and purpose.

"Insecure" - to provide comfort, harness self-confidence from within with love and patience.

"BeyHive" - to amplify and support the ambitious spirit & drive within; aligning one with their true purpose & manifest the abundance of its potential.

"Aailiyah" - to harness and maintain balance in one's life. manifests resilience, fortitude & grace under fire.

**alternative combinations are available by request. Select the custom combo option below.

PLEASE NOTE WHEN ORDERING: Charmed bracelets are made to order. Default bracelet length is 7.25" -8" in length. If more or less length is needed, MAKE SURE to note required length when ordering. ty.