Joilia Childs Kitchen Infused Tea (12oz- 12pk)

Joilia Childs Kitchen Infused Tea (12oz- 12pk)

Each tea is brewed fresh in Brooklyn with the finest organic fruit, herbs, & sativa strains. Each flavor has been curated for peak refreshment. Every 8oz bottle contains approximately 50mg of THC and is meant for consumption by those aged 21+.

Three flavors to choose from are sold only by the half dozen.

"Power of the P"- golden plums, white peaches, raw honey, mandarin orange peels, fresh mint leaves, red clover flower tops, & 1/4oz of Purple Candy strain.

"Black N' Berry"- raspberries, blackberries, black cherries, mango pits, fresh mint leaf, raw honey, red clover flower tops & 1/4oz of Gorilla Glue.

"Mango Camo" -mandarin oranges, Fuji apples, mango pits, raw honey, fresh camomile flowers, lemons, fresh ginger, lemon seed herb, & 1/4oz of Wedding Crashers strain.